Step By Step Access Transformation Methodology

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What is the problem?

Broadband access networks are constantly evolving to keep pace with subscriber demand, competitive pressure, and the requirement of launching new services. Building an optimal access transformation plan is a key factor in an operator’s business success. This plan is closely monitored by the leaders from strategy, product, engineering, finance and operations. How to build such a critical plan collaboratively?

Key Takeaways

With a plethora of technology options available to cable operators, the operators should invest in long term planning to find an optimal access transformation solution. The take away from this paper includes:

  1. a six-step process for achieving optimal plans
  2. motivations to get the 360° views of SOFT
  3. steps to determine which upgrades path is optimal

Although, this paper is focused on the financial risk, it is important to consider risks and constraints from all domains in the SOFT framework where all stakeholders in the organization can be onboard.

Building such a plan is a complex collaborative process. This paper introduces a multi-step methodology to break down the complexity and accommodate the uncertainty of future assumptions. It showcases simple examples and highlights the decision-making process from a financial point of view. We show how different business requirements such as product roadmaps and budgetary constraints will influence the optimal solution to turn into a realistic executable solution. However, even though the financial implications of the access plan have been considered, a similar comprehensive analysis needs to be conducted from the operational, service, and technological risks points of view.