What is AP-Jibe?

We listen to our customers and experts to understand the foundational problems and focus our energy on solving aspects that require an innovative approach. AP-Jibe is one such innovation.

Access Planning Jibe (AP-Jibe) assists in creating the access network transformation, business and operational plans. In minutes, the telecom operators can evaluate new deployment options, create and set strategic direction, and conduct detailed enterprise level planning with AP-Jibe.

AP-Jibe is targeted for the access network planners, product strategists, operational planners, financial wizards and supply chain teams – who all have an access network plan in common.

Access Focused

90% of telecom operator's yearly investments are in access networks. AP-Jibe focuses sqaurely on assisting with it.

Customer Oriented

Our customer's competitive, technology, financial and operational pain points are our concerns. Use AP-Jibe to address them easily.

Knowledgeable Team

AP-Jibe is built by telecom business and technology strategists. You have access to their wealth of knowledge through the software.

We Provide Access Network Planning Tools

Brownfield planning

Operators' access network is their core asset for all revenue-generating opportunities. APJ-BP helps to plan access upgrades with confidence.

Network expansion planning

Operators expand their footprint through new funds (RDOF, CAF, infrastructure), greenfield deployments, and node extensions. APJ-NE helps to plan network expansions in minutes.

Integrated network planning

Many operators treat access upgrades due to different lines of business separately, even though they share the same budget and the resources. APJ-IN can assist in doing an integrated plan.

Latest News

FPI launches APJ-NE Network Expansion Planning

FPI launches the state-of-the-art solution for network expansion planning - APJ-NE (AP-Jibe Network Expansion). This is focused on assisting telecom operators, private equity firms, network over builders, etc. to plan their access network acquisitions, build out and greenfield expansions in minutes.

FPI launches APJ-IN Integrate Network Planning

FPI and our customers always wondered while the resources and budget are common across the lines of business, why not the access plans? So, we brought the brownfield and expansion plans together in APJ-IN to offer our customers a comprehensive integrated plan.

Get your integrated plan in 10 mins or less.

Integrate your brownfield and network expansion plans in minutes!

FPI Introduces Network Upgrade Optimization Algorithms

FPI introduces different optimization and business rule-based algorithms to assist the operators to find the best upgrade strategies for their budgetary, resource and product constraints. We are saving millions of dollars to the operators by clearly pointing the right upgrade options.

Creating an optimal access transformation plan
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Charter Communications uses AP-Jibe

FPI announces that Charter Communications is using AP-Jibe for their next generation access network planning

Latest Insights

New Project

By skylarstudios | Sep 02, 2022

Step By Step Access Transformation Methodology

What is the problem? Broadband access networks are constantly evolving to keep pace with subscriber demand, competitive pressure, and the requirement of launching new services. Building an optimal access transformation plan is a key factor in an operator’s business success. This plan is closely monitored by the leaders from strategy, product, engineering, finance and operations.

New Project

By Luc Absillis | Feb 25, 2022

Creating an optimal access transformation plan

What is the problem? How do I create an implementable optimal access transformation plan, that gives me the most “bang for the buck”? This first paper in the series looks at the process to get to the insights needed to define an optimal network transformation plan. Key takeaways In this paper we observe: The optimal

New Project

By skylarstudios | Apr 02, 2020

A multi-trigger what-if analysis approach to network transformation

Problem Statement When developing a long-term access network transformation plan, network operators tend to focus on demand growth as the key trigger for upgrades.  While accommodating demand growth remains a key driver for upgrading a network, in reality other triggers may enforce a different upgrade strategy and alter the preferred upgrade path and the required

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