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Access Planning Jibe

AP-Jibe (Access Planning Jibe) suite is an access network planning toolset that enables a telecom operator to:

All in a matter of minutes …

Planning tools in AP-Jibe suite

AP-Jibe offers many transformation tools for the convenience of the operators, network over builders and the infrastructure investors. The following are the tools offered at present. 

APJ-BP (Brownfield network transformation planner)

Operators with existing access infrastructure are constantly under pressure to upgrade their network to meet customer demand growth, meet competitive pressures and to deliver new service offering. AP-Jibe will provide a detailed access plan that 

APJ-NE (Network expansion planner)

Our latest module APJ-NE offers the state-of-the-art solution for network expansion planning. This is focused on assisting telecom operators, private equity firms, network over builders, etc. to plan access network, build out and greenfield expansions. APJ-NE offers

APJ-IN (Integrated network planner)

Our customers always wonder while the resources and budget are common across the lines of business, why not the access plans? So, we brought brownfield and expansion plans together in APJ-IN to offer a comprehensive integrated plan. The APJ-IN offers

APJ-View (Analytics viewer)

AP-Jibe’s results are used by different stakeholders, including the leaders of the organization. Most of them want to understand the results. APJ-View provides